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American Creations Pregna Days Softgel 30s 1804 for pregnant women's health

American Creations Pregna Days Softgel 30s 1804 for pregnant women's health

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American Creations Pregnadays 30 Softgels

Pregnadays from American Creations is an essential vitamins and minerals formulation with DHA for pregnant women and her developing baby.
During pregnancy women need to eat a healthy and balanced diet and take pregnancy supplements to help cover any nutritional gaps in the diet.
Pregnadays designed specially to provide all the nutrients pregnant women and her baby needs for a healthy growth and development. It contains DHA which help in baby's brain and eyes developing. It also contains folic acid which is very important during pregnancy to prevent and reduces the risk of birth defects of a baby’s brain and spine.

• Support mother and baby's health.
• Support baby's brain developing.
• Support baby's eyes developing.
• Reduces the risk of birth defects.

How to use:
Take one softgel daily, preferably
with a meal or as directed by your doctor.

All Active Ingredients:
Vitamins , DHA , Folic acid , ,

Points of interest:
• Consult your doctor before use if you are taking any medication or having any medical condition.
• Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur.
• Store at room temperature.

room temperature.

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