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Bepanthen Anti-Scar Gel with Massage Device 20g

Bepanthen Anti-Scar Gel with Massage Device 20g

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Bepanthen Scar Treatment has been developed using scientific recommendations for optimal scar treatment. Its silicone gel formula combined with the inbuilt massage roller helps smooth, soften and flatten the scar reducing its overall appearance.

If your scar is new (less than 1 month old but completely closed) by applying Bepanthen Scar Treatment it will help prevent the formation of a red and raised scar by nourishing the damaged skin and reduce scar redness, itching and appearance.

In older scars that are already red and raised, the innovative massage roller helps break down the excess collagen which has caused the scar to become red and raised, and the silicone gel will help reduce the redness and itching and form a protective barrier to help lock in moisture.

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