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Tiger King Power Honey ( 1+1 Free ) Deal

Tiger King Power Honey ( 1+1 Free ) Deal

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Tiger King Honey, Energy, Vitality and Activity.

Food supplement pure Bee honey with and Royal Jelly and ginseng.

Each Sachet 10 grams contain

Natural Honey 8.2 gr
Royal Jelly 1000 mg
Ginseng Extract 800 mg


Honey is a diving grant and is known for its preventive and curative properties for many medical issues.

Royal Jelly, which contains a distinctive composition of fatty acids and proteins, in addition to containing a large group of vitamins, increases the body's activity and vitality, and helps in case of weak sexual desire in men nd women, and it also enhances the body's immune system.

We also added ginseng extract, which is known for its ability to stimulate sexual desire in men and women , and has several benefits to relieve fatigue and stimulate memory.

It is recommended to take one or twice a day.

should be taken with precautions in cardiac and diabetic patients, and perferred after medical advice.

Tiger King provided sexual satisfaction without side effects

A rich formula of acceptable ratios of honey, Royal jelly and ginseng Extract.

Dosage : For adults 2 sachets daily.

Operation Registration : TR-33-K-026151

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