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Clearblue Ovulation Test Digital 10's

Clearblue Ovulation Test Digital 10's

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The ovulation test Clearblue Ovulation Test Digital will allow you to know the best four days to get pregnant, twice as much as the other tests. It detects the increase in ovulation hormone LH (luteinizing hormone) from 24 to 36 hours before ovulation and identifies the two days which are the most favorable for conception throughout your menstrual cycle. Intercourse during these two days will give you the most chances to get pregnant. The stick gives very clear digital results, so you don't have to interpret color bands, and provides 10 test sticks. It is very effective in detecting increases in LH.


  • For usage, read the information that comes with the product
  • Always read the label before use
  • Please follow the instructions provided carefully

  • Helps you maximize your chances of conceiving naturally
  • Identify your 2 most fertile days each cycle by measuring the changes in the level of a key fertility hormone – luteinizing hormone (LH)
  • More accurate than calendar and temperature methods
  • Gives you unmistakably clear results on a digital display
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