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Filorga Time Filler Eyes 15ml

Filorga Time Filler Eyes 15ml

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Filorga Time-Filler Eyes is a correcting eye treatment inspired by the latest medical techniques for younger and wider looking eyes.Fortified with unique plumping spheres, the lightweight, quick-absorbing formula helps to minimise the appearance of expression lines, wrinkles and under-eye hollows, whilst fading dark circles and combating uneven skin tone to restore youthful luminosity. Its lifting complex fights sagging of the upper eyelids and boosts the volume of lashes for wider-looking eyes.


  • With a trio of active ingredients hyaluronic acid, tripeptide, gentle peeling-effective active ingredient to relax the features and smoothens wrinkles in the eye area.
  • A lifting complex to fight against upper eyelids sagging and a stimulating matrikine to boost lash volume
  • Filling spheres and stimulating complex, to reduce all types of dark circles, hollow and colored
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