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Isdin Fotoprotector Fusion Water Magic SPF 50 Facial Sunscreen 50ml

Isdin Fotoprotector Fusion Water Magic SPF 50 Facial Sunscreen 50ml

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  • An ultralight daily facial sunscreen
  • Melts into the skin without greasy residue
  • Non-comedogenic and mineral oil free
  • External water-phased facial sunscreen for daily use
  • For 5 Star daily sun protection
  • Formulated with hyaluronic acid for hydration
  • Contains antioxidants; Mediterranean Alga Extract and vitamin E
  • Ideal for oily skin: mattifies the skin


Isdin Fotoprotector Fusion Water Magic SPF 50 Facial Sunscreen is an ideal sunscreen for outdoor activities with prolonged sun exposure. It offers a high protection against solar radiation and keeps the skin hydrated. Fusion Water MAGIC SPF 50's formula contains ingredients that have hydrating and antioxidant action. External factors like sun exposure, salt water, chlorine and wind can cause the skin to become dehydrated more quickly. Using Fusion Water MAGIC SPF 50 supports a significant increase in the skin's hydration. It also helps prevent sun damage and visible signs of photoageing. Mediterranean Alga Extract is an ingredient of marine origin, it is rich in antioxidant properties. It helps maintain the cellular structure of the skin and stimulates its natural defenses. Hyaluronic Acid, as we all know, moisturizes and supports the skin, helping reduce visible signs of skin ageing. Another well-known ingredient Vitamin E provides antioxidant action, helping prevent skin damage induced by free radicals. Evaluation of Fusion Water MAGIC Sunscreen performed on 24 subjects has demonstrated a 68% increase in the skin's hydration 30 minutes after application, maintaining 56% hydration 1 hour after and 7% hydration 12 hours after. Isdin 5 Star Daily Protection sunscreens for daily use will provide high UV protection, as tested in real conditions of high solar radiation. They don't irritate the eyes, provide oil control and have an optimal tolerability for all skin types. They are also part of ISDIN's commitment to projects that care for seas and oceans.


  • Helps maintain your skin protected and hydrated
  • Provides ultralight protection for outdoor activities
  • Immediate absorbing formula that ensures a silky finish
  • Provides a mattifying effect that promotes oil control
  • Doesn't leave greasy residue or irritate eyes
  • Hydrates the skin and provides antioxidant action
  • Protects against free radical damage thanks to Mediterranean Alga Extract and vitamin E
  • Prevents skin from photoaging


  • Apply Fusion Water MAGIC SPF 50 generously onto dry skin. The appropriate amount of product for the face is two lines of product extended on two fingers. Apply it evenly over the face, neck, nape and ears.
  • If sun exposure exceeds 2 hours, it is recommended to reapply the product. If the quantity of product applied is reduced, the factor of protection will also be reduced.

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