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Avene SPF50+ Children's Sunscreen Spray For High Sun Protection 200ml

Avene SPF50+ Children's Sunscreen Spray For High Sun Protection 200ml

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  • Very high protection sunscreen spray for children's sensitive skin
  • Effective against all sun radiation (short and long UVB-UVA)
  • Certified UVA-compliant, very water-resistant
  • 100% photostable, is moisturising and has lightweight texture
  • Formulated with a reduced number of chemical filters to respect sensitive skin
  • Very rich in Avene Thermal Spring Water
  • Formulated with a photostable antioxidant Vitamin E
  • Silicone-free and paraben-free
  • Water resistant and gives no white marks


Avene Very High Protection For Children Spray meets all the requirements such as efficacy, quality, pleasure of use and reliability. Avene Kid's Sunscreen Spray is a very high protection sunscreen for face and body which has been formulated with a minimum number of chemical filters and with no fragrance to respect the sensitive skin of children. Its non-greasy texture is quickly absorbed by the skin for even and invisible protection. It covers a broad spectrum UVB-UVA protection by using an exclusive combination of active ingredients. Its convenient 200ml spray bottle makes it very easy to apply. This safe sun care product benefits from the exclusive Sunsitive protection association, developed by Pierre Fabre Research. It is composed of a patented filtering system containing only four sun filters, for a very broad and stable UVB-UVA protection and an optimal skin tolerance. Its powerful antioxidant, vitamin E acts for a cellular protection against the free radicals. The Avene Thermal Spring Water brings its alleviating, soothing and softening properties. Avene has over 275 years of expertise in caring for sensitive skin and is recommended by dermatologists worldwide. Dedicated to sensitive skin and improving quality of life for all skin types, leveraging pharmaceutical and dermatological heritage and expertise. Avene formulas and the toxicology profile of each, individual ingredient are audited by scientists. All clinical studies are conducted under medical control ensuring the utmost respect for sensitive skin.


  • Provides very high sun protection respecting sensitive skin
  • Helps prevent solar keratosis, sunspots and premature skin ageing
  • Offers an extremely pleasant application and does not leave white marks
  • Antioxidants neutralizes the harmful effects of free-radicals
  • Provides broad, photostable protection against UVB/UVA
  • Protects complexion and helps improve the appearance of skin over time
  • Improves the health of the skin, and lowers the incidence of skin cancer
  • Prevents many signs of photoaging by tackling the triggers


  • Apply generously and evenly 20 minutes prior to sun exposure. ALWAYS READ THE LABEL AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS FOR USE.
  • Wear protective clothing, hats and eyewear when exposed to the sun. Avoid prolonged exposure in the sun. Reapply frequently (at least every 2 hours, after swimming or sweating, also immediately after towel drying) to maintain protection. Avoid exposure between midday and 4pm. Sunburn is dangerous, especially in children.

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