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Bio-Oil Skincare Oil 125ml

Bio-Oil Skincare Oil 125ml

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Bio-Oil Skincare Oil  is one of the most sought-after care around the world for healing scars and stretch marks. Bio-Oil Skincare Oil  helps to improve scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone but also helps to moisturize, tone and smooth the skin. Bio-Oil Skincare Oil helps reduce the formation of stretch marks during pregnancy, adolescent growth spurts, and periods of rapid weight gain or loss. Bio-Oil Skincare Oil helps improve the appearance of scars, but does not make them disappear, it only improves their appearance. Bio-Oil Skincare Oil also promotes a healthier skin barrier by comforting and soothing the skin. Bio-Oil Skincare Oil nourishes and comforts the skin while enhancing its appearance and can be used by all skin types and can be applied to the face and body and even on sensitive skin.

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