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Crescina labo

Crescina White Hair Treatment Man 20 FL

Crescina White Hair Treatment Man 20 FL

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Ampoules contain antioxidants that used to treat gray hair and limit its spread, stimulate the production of melanin and protect cells from aging Licensed by the Ministry of Health
Brands: LABO , Crescina
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Crescina White Hair Treatment Woman 20 FL 
AS time goes by, hair gradually decreases and the hair turns white, Crescina white hair operates at different levels in the hair system, and precisely on the causes that lead to white hair.
It contains three active ingredients that help to stimulate melanin synthesis, repair oxidative damages by counteracting the production of hydrogen peroxide, and activate the variation of melanocyte stem cells into mature melanocytes.

• Promotes melanin synthesis.
• Helps to activate the variation of melanocyte stem cells.
• No more gray hair.

How To Use:
It is recommended to use the treatment from 1 month up to 4 months, by applying one vial a day for five consecutive days, followed by a two-day break.
The advice is to repeat the treatment once or twice a year and, if necessary, use 1 vial a week for maintaining the results.

All Ingredients: 
melanocytes, melanosomes, melanocyte stem cells, ,
Points of interest:
When using Crescina treatments for hair regrowth or anti-hair loss, it is recommended to alternate the treatments at regular intervals.

How To Storage :
room temperature.

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