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Fillerina Lips And Mouth Filler Effect Gel (Grade 5)

Fillerina Lips And Mouth Filler Effect Gel (Grade 5)

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The Fillerina Lip and Contour treatment, the composition contains the patented 8 Fillerina hyaluronic acids and 3 low molecular weight collagen molecules and is completed with 3 absorption enhancers, which ensure the most effective transdermal absorption of the active ingredients. The composition is adapted to the special needs of the specific area in order to achieve the filling and the increase of the volume of the lips, the remodeling of the contour and the reduction of the depth of the perimeter wrinkles.

The amount of hyaluronic acid and collagen in the skin gradually decreases overtime, causing imperfections such as reduced density and loss of volume. It manifests itself in the same way in the area of ??the lips, but also as the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth and alteration of the contour. Smoking aggravates wrinkles around the mouth causing small vertical lines starting at the contour of the upper and lower lip.

The active ingredient?Fillerina Lips & Mouth Filler Effect Gel?enhances the volume and reshapes of the smooth contour.


  • It fills and increases lip volume
  • Fill the wrinkles in the mouth area (the so-called “smoker’s wrinkles”).

How to use

  • Apply?Fillerina Lips & Mouth Filler Effect Gel?with a special cleanser and leave it to dry.
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