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Garlex Olive Oil Shampoo 200ml

Garlex Olive Oil Shampoo 200ml

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Garlex Olive Oil Shampoo 200ml 2802

100% Natural  Anti-Hair Loss Treatments, Does Not Have Any Side Effects 



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Garlex Olive Oil Shampoo 200 ml anti hair loss

A unique formula of 100% natural oils helps nourish and strengthen the hair follicles and reduce the number of hair falls.
Garlex is extracted from the best types of garlic oil that contains essential minerals and vitamins maintained for hair fibers and follicles.
Also, contained other herbal extracted oils from olive, avocado, amino acids complex, almond, black seed, nettle, wheat, and violet.
These contents increase blood circulation for follicles hair and scalp, leading to reduce loss and protection from the age effect of free radicals.
Garlex Olive Oil Shampoo can stimulate the follicles for regrowth naturally and increase the hair thickness.
This product keeps hair clean, moisturizing, shiny, and attractive look.

Active ingredients:
olive oil, garlic oil, avocado oil, almond oil, amino acid

• Garlex Olive Oil Shampoo strengthens the hair follicles.
• Reduce hair loss.
• Restore the damaged hair.
• Garlex Olive Oil Shampoo increase the hair thickness.
• Protects the follicles and scalps from free radicals and environmental effects.
• Nourishing and moisturizing the hair.

How to use:
Apply an adequate amount of Garlex Olive Oil Shampoo to wet hair with gentle massage then leave it 2-3 minutes.
Wash the hair well.

Made in:

200 ml
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