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Labo Facial Lifting 3 Dermo Cosmetic Treatment

Labo Facial Lifting 3 Dermo Cosmetic Treatment

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Labo Facial Lifting 3 Dermo Cosmetic Treatment

Labo Facial Lifting 3 Dermo Cosmetic Treatment for younger and more attractive skin.
Labo Treatment consists of a firming gel and cream with a Swiss patented applicator CH 695412 to ensure easy and precise application of the Labo cream and gel for best results.
It consists of Liftina complex, patented by Swiss CH 712 905, which is rich in amino acids and peptides that work together to tighten the neck, chin, under the chin, and cheeks area.
This effective blend works through Transdermic technology that ensures maximum rapid absorption ensuring fast results in just 16 days of use.

Labo Facial Lifting 3 Dermo Cosmetic Treatment consists of:
• Components with mechanical effects such as:
- 1,6 Alpha Maltotriose and Silicates: A facelift to improve the appearance of younger-looking skin.

• Components with cosmetic biological effects such as:
- Proline, alanine, glycine: help tighten sagging skin to look more fresh by increasing collagen production, as its production decreases with age.
- Tripeptide-10-citrulline: smooths the skin and improves its texture and appearance.
- 3- Aminopropane Sulfonic Acid, Acetyl Tetrapeptide, and Dimethylethanolamine (DMAE): Lifting facial sagging to look more toned and younger.

Active ingredients:
1,6 Alpha Maltotriose, Silicates, Proline, Alanine, Glycine, 3- Aminopropane Sulfonic Acid,
Acetyl Tetrapeptide, Dimethylethanolamine (DMAE), Tripeptide-10-citrulline.

• Labo Facial Lifting Treatment helps to significantly tighten sagging.
• Improves the appearance of the skin and makes it look more uniform and younger.
• Adds softness and freshness to the skin.
• Labo treatment Set is used for the neck, chin, cheeks, and lower chin areas.

How to use:
• First, apply Labo Gel to tighten the skin of the face and neck:
The gel is used once in the evening before going to bed on clean, dry skin for 16 consecutive days.
1- Scoop out 0.75ml of the gel using the applicator provided in the package and apply it to the palm of your hands.
2- Distribute half of it on the right side of the neck and the other half on the left side of the neck, then spread it around the neck, chin, and lower chin without massaging until it is completely absorbed by the skin.
3- Draw 0.75 ml of the gel using the attached applicator and spread it gently on the right cheek and left cheek of the face.

• Then, apply Labo cream:
- Use Labo cream once daily in the morning for 16 days after applying your daily cleanser on clean, dry skin.
- Put an appropriate amount on the palm of your hands of Labo cream, then gently spread it on the neck area, lower chin, and cheeks, avoid massaging it, and wait until it is completely absorbed by the skin.
- It's recommended to use Labo cream after 16 days (after stopping using Labo gel) to maintain results.

• How to use Labo cream alone:
- Use twice a day, morning and evening, on clean, dry skin.

More information:
• It is recommended to clean the applicator after each use.
• It is recommended to drink water before use.
• The Applicator for cosmetics and skin care products has Swiss patented, CH 695412.
• It is recommended to use the gel for 16 consecutive days for the best results.
• Avoid massaging the skin during the application of Labo Gel.
• To maintain the results, it is recommended to continue using the firming cream after 16 days of using the Labo treatment set.
• Avoid contact of products with eyes and mucous membranes.
• For external use only.

Made in:

Gel Bottle 30 ml
Dense cream 15 ml

Store at room temperature
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