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Oral B

Oral-B Aqua Care 4 Portable Irrigator

Oral-B Aqua Care 4 Portable Irrigator

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Oral-B Aqua Care 4 Portable Irrigator is a water floss that allows a powerful yet gentle interdental cleaning. With Oxygen Technology it has the ability to mix air and water and enrich the water with micro-bubbles. This combination, water and purified air, is designed to help hamper bacteria proliferation, provide a gentle gum massage, and boost the freshness of the breath all at the same time. It perfectly removes trapped food around both braces and implants and, with a sensitive cleaning intensity, you can use it even in sensitive gums and teeth. When used as part of a proper tooth brushing routine, this device helps remove leftover food particles and improve gum health, boosting freshness and allowing better care of both gums and teeth for a healthier mouth.

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