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Pharmaclinix Lightenex Brightening Body Lotion Spf 15 250 ML

Pharmaclinix Lightenex Brightening Body Lotion Spf 15 250 ML

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A body lotion, helps to lighten skin and remove pigmentation

Manufacturer: PharmaClinix
SKU: 1215983
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Pharmaclinix Lightenex Brightening Body Lotion SPF 15 250ml

Body Lotion is a specialist skin lightening formulation that has been specifically formulated to lighten the body, including the sensitive areas, e.g., neck, armpits, and legs.
It contains professional strength skin whiteners including Kojic acid stimulates cells renewal, Niacinamide to lighten the skin, Vitamin E and A, which are antioxidants.

• Improves skin’s firmness.
• Helps to smooth skin.
• Evens out the complexion.
• Increases skin’s elasticity.

How to use:
• Apply a thin layer of the lotion and massage thoroughly into the desired area of skin, until fully absorbed.
• Use twice daily.

All Ingredients:
Kojic acid , Niacinamide , Vitamin E .

How To Storage :
room temperature.

Points of interest:
• Avoid eye area.
• Keep out reach of children.

Made In:
United Kingdom.

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