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Solaray® Iron Citrate 25 mg Veg Capsules 60's

Solaray® Iron Citrate 25 mg Veg Capsules 60's

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  • 25 mg of chelated iron
  • Supports cardiovascular and circulatory system
  • Lab verified dietary supplement
  • Vegan and gluten free


Solaray Iron Citrate Veg Capsules is the specially chelated form of iron using citric acid intended to help mineral bioavailability for people with low stomach acid; hence with an enhanced absorption. Each single capsule serving provides 25 mg of iron; providing over 100% the daily recommended value of iron per each 1 Veg capsules per serving. Iron Citrate may help to support healthy circulation, cardiovascular health and menstrual health in women. Having an iron deficiency can make you feel weak and fatigued and lead to anemia. Women who are pregnant or those on a vegetarian diet are among those susceptible to low iron. This bioavailable formula helps your body better to utilize this important mineral while being gentle on the stomach.


  • Helps to get the daily recommended dose of iron
  • Promotes the production and health of the red blood cells
  • Supports overall health of cardiovascular and circulatory systems
  • Helps to prevent iron deficiency anemia


  • Use only as directed
  • Take one Veg capsules daily with a meal or glass of water

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